Get all your team metrics organized in a single place

Every session performed by all your athletes gets automatically synchronized into GoPaddler at the end of each session. Track your athletes’ progress throughout the season and keep a historic record of every session performed
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Still tracking stroke rate using a stopwatch?

We can track the stroke rate for you, taking 1 metric per second, without the need for new hardware. We have created an algorithm that takes your smartphone accelerometer readings and accurately calculates the stroke rate. We also combine that with the GPS data to calculate how much an athlete can, on average, move the boat forward on each stroke. Those and all other relevant paddling metrics are tracked for you …

Follow your athletes’ sessions in real-time

Don’t wait for the end of the session – give more precise feedback to your athletes while sessions are running, by getting access to all the metrics directly in your smartphone.
Plan their sessions upfront or manually use start/stop to create intervals with the simplicity of a stopwatch, yet with all the details for your analysis.
GoPaddler Coach Software

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