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What is GoPaddler?

GoPaddler is a coaching performance analytics tool. It allows coaches to plan sessions, follow sessions in real-time and to do post sessions analysis for all athletes in their team.

How it Works?

Coaches need to create an account at where they can invite athletes to join their team. Once an athlete is the team, all their session data is automatically shared with the coach after the session is complete (or when access to the mobile network is available).

All data collection is done using our own smartphone app, called GoPaddler, available for Android and iOS.

Do I need to buy a device to track stroke rate?

The beauty of GoPaddler is that you don’t need any external hardware: our GoPaddler application uses your smartphone hardware (more specifically, the accelerometer) and uses an algorithm to accurately calculate your stroke rate.

All Android and iOS devices have accelerometers built-in, so low-end devices should still be able to accurately calculate stroke rate.

Do I need mobile data to use GoPaddler application?

Well, yes and no. Mobile data is required for the coach to be able to follow the session in real-time. However, if a coach is only doing post-session analysis, mobile data is not required for the tracking to work properly (data will be collected and uploaded once the mobile network is available).

What are the Heart Rate monitors supported by GoPaddler?

GoPaddler supports any Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitors on the market. It doesn’t support ANT+, which is very common to Garmin devices.

Our best experience has been working with Polar H7/H10 devices, but many other athletes use low-end Bluetooth types of equipment without any issue.

GoPaddler doesn't detect my Heart Rate monitor - why?

Heart rate monitors are designed not to connect to any other device once they’re paired with one equipment. So, if you paired your heart rate monitor with your watch, you need to unpair for it to be detected by GoPaddler.

If you don’t know how to do that, here is a simple trick: remove the battery from the HR monitor and place it again. Then try again to search the device in GoPaddler – you should be able to find it now.

Distance and speed are not working properly

This is probably one of the most common complaints in Android these days. Even Strava is suffering from the same problem. Most of the time battery optimizations are to blame, so you need to disable them.

Usually, that requires you to go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > GoPaddler > Battery Saver  and choose the option No restrictions. These steps may be slightly different depending on your smartphone brand, but you basically need to disable batery optimizations for the app.

If your phone is from Huawei, you may follow these steps from Strava, to achieve the same goal.

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