For Coaches

How does it work

A coach will…

Access the service through (no application needed)

Data collection on the boat is done through a mobile app, which athletes have to install

Athletes will need to take the phone in the boat: check our phone mount page for ideas on how to safely take the phone to the water


Have to download our app, available both for Android devices and iPhone

Join coach team

For details on app capabilites, visit for details

Track your athletes performance in real time without any new equipment (stroke rate, speed, average stroke length, …)

GoPaddler for Coaches is a powerful software that allows you to manage all your athletes training sessions, from schedule interval sessions, watch and control sessions in real time to performance analysis during and after training sessions.

GoPaddler Coach Software - Dashboard
GoPaddler Coach Software

Create your coach account now!

Free 30 days trial. No credit card required.

GoPaddler Coach Software - Athlete Statistics
GoPaddler Coach Software - Session Statistics

Collect, analyse and compare data to get important insights about your athletes.

GoPaddler allows you to gain access to each boat speed, distance and stroke rate in real time, allowing you to give immediate feedback when it matters. Start, stop, split – you have full control of each boat individually!

Organize your team in groups

Plan your training sessions

Analyse and compare performance during and after training

Follow sessions in real time

Control devices remotely

Keep all your data forever

Guide your athletes towards the next level

GoPaddler is the world most advanced canoeing training analytics technology.

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