Now you can use a phone on your boat without fearing losing or damaging it

We offer two different solutions

Waterproof Phone Mount for Canoeing

Ahead of the athlete’s cockpit

GoPaddler’s Waterproof Smartphone Mount System is a very simple and secure solution to help you using your smartphone on your boat. Built with reliable materials and with the waterproof sleeve included.

Great for athletes training solo

GoPaddler's Smartphone Mount System (for kayak)
€6.00 (shipping)
Total: €26.00
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Waterproof Phone Sleeve for Canoeing

Behind the athlete’s cockpit

GoPaddler’s Waterproof Smartphone Sleeve is the right solution if you want to use your phone just as a capturing device that communicate back to your coach. High quality materials and fixed to your boat with velcro tape (hook and loop).

Great to track athletes in real time

GoPaddler's Waterproof Smartphone Sleeve
€5.00 (shipping)
Total: €13.00
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You can also built your own!

You can buy it from us or you can download this tutorial and built your own DIY Smartphone Mount System!

Download it for Free

GoPaddler for athletes is completely free and is available for IOS and Android.

Mount it on your boat

Calibrate your smartphone using the app and mount it safely on your boat.

Defy your limits!

Track all your training sessions and let GoPaddler help you on the road to reach your best performance ever.

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